Ancelotti Humorously Admits Forgetting German

Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, recently had a humorous exchange with a reporter where he revealed that he had forgotten German, the language he had learned during his time managing Bayern Munich.

When asked by the reporter if he could speak German, Ancelotti replied with "Nicht so gut," which translates to "Not so good."

The lighthearted moment showcased Ancelotti's wit and humility, as he admitted to forgetting the language despite his previous proficiency.

Ancelotti's comment highlights the challenges of managing in different countries and the need to adapt to new languages and cultures.

Despite his forgetfulness, Ancelotti's ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages, including Italian, Spanish, and English, has been crucial to his success as a manager.

The exchange also provided a glimpse into Ancelotti's personality, showing his willingness to engage in playful banter with reporters.